My name is Paul Starkie.  I have been a Football Coach for 30 years.  For 20 of those years I was also a High School Math Teacher.  Now I am bringing all that teaching experience to another classroom and the range to teach gun safety, shooting skills, and personal safety.

I have several teaching certifications from The National Rifle Association, Texas Department of Public Safety, and Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections.  With these credentials, I am authorized to teach Basic Pistol through the NRA, Refuse To Be A Victim through the NRA, the License To Carry class through Texas DPS, and the Conceal Handgun Permit class through Louisiana DPS.  I also hold an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer certification. 

If you have never fired a gun or you’re an expert marksman, my classes are designed and taught to assist all participants to become better and safer when using and/or handling firearms.  Classes are set up and conducted in a safe learning environment, and all learning requires hands-on student participation.  My goal is to help everyone who wishes to exercise their Second Amendment Rights guaranteed by The United States Constitution to be able to do so in a safe and proficient way.


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